Selling Tudung Ariani(Original),Clearance Tudung ME(Mawi World Collection),Clearance Tudung Nurbarakah,New Tudung Nurbarakah and other Tudungs at Negotiable Prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interested/Berkenan:Contact2le/SMS tuan kedai bergerak yea :
Akmar:012-7562039[7.30AM-6.00PM-Weekdays SMS only sbb work,thanks for understanding ;) ]
(Please use above email bcoz previous e-mail kena hacked)

Bank Account(Faridatul Akmar Binti Karim)
Public Bank(Saving Account:4-3063074-26)
AmBank(Saving Account:007-002-404852-5)
Maybank(Saving Account:151258573117)

For delivery to Johor Bahru@Singapore,customer can pick up the item at the 'zoning' area fixed by the tuan kedai so no delivery charges incurred.

For all Ariani's tudung-
You are welcome to :
1.Repeat order (kalau dh sold out,no size or color not available,silakan repeat order and I will try my best to help you.)
2.Boleh Purchase by installment
3.Price matter refer dgn tuan kedai yea(Boleh discuss)
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Little Bit About Friendz:


After 4 months of off,line business alhamdullilah we managed to embark on this special project to us:-our own and new online business..clap!clap!clap!..happy because never thought that this could happen.

Who are 'Friendz'
-2 Pofessional working woman by day and' enterpenenure in the making' in between the working hours.Chewah!!!!
-One half is happily married with 2 beautiful boys with a caring husband and the other half is still 'single and available' kot....
-Our Motto:Love Life and Enjoying Every Minute of It!!!!

Our Product,
-The hottest tudung in town:Tudung Ekin(Come in mini telekung,shawls-selendang)
-Tudung Bawal(All Bawal Satu-Tudung Sulam Tepi,Tudung Manjalara,Tudung Sulam Tangan,Tudung Manja Sulam Tangan etc with the shining and flashing oktant==>silau mata you..
-Tudung Syria
and Other tudung...we try our best to provide you the latest tudung available with the most competitive prices and efficient servive(we using Poslaju)

Then,what are you waiting for girlz..lets cuci mata and if you like it contact us for booking,and after payment is confirmed the goods will be delivered to you without any hassle of traffic jams,no fuel charges and best of all at the click of your fingers.

With the recent economic downturn,we are hoping that with this service, we are offering you the previlige to shop from your home thus saving your quality time and money.

So..apa lagi...jom browse tudung..Mesti suka punya....
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